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Day 1434

Since "Rico" has pretty much "thrown in the towel" on the blog, I'm going to just start titling my posts with the day. Take it or leave it. This is my blog and occasionally some incredibly important, high level, executive decisions have to be made. This is one of those occasions. It's cleaner. It's that whole Steve Jobs notion that simplicity is the essence of sophistication. However, if you don't like it, let me hear it.

In other news, I perspired quite a bit today. And... deep sigh, yes, I broke the no solo tv rule to watch a the U.S. Vs Mexico Soccer game, and Shark Week, and... that's it. I'm a patriot!!!!! Can't help it. The Olympics made me think about how awesome ESPN was when it first started. I actually barely remember, but it was just all different types of random sports programs, right? Like cliff diving. I could definitely watch a little cliff diving right now.

Today I ran down Pennsylvania Avenue, to Freedom Plaza and up 14th Street by the White House. Some slow paced young lady was running in front of me for a split second and I had some difficulty getting by her on the crowded sidewalk. We actually almost collided at one point, woops, totally my fault. But... who stops mid-jog, in the middle of the sidewalk, to read the menu outside of a restaurant??? Oh wait, that's exactly something that I would do.

At 18th Street, we turned around and headed home.

Streak on.

4.7 miles booked

6 dogs

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The titles are fine! just hope you don't give up the blog, Chet! I wanted to talk to you at DC B2B and let you know how much it means to my daily inspiration. On those days when you dig deep & get philosophical, your readers know it's not just blowing smoke, because the streak backs up that you're living it. Streak on.

August 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEd

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