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Day 1436

It's hard to think about what to write after a day like Thursday, August 16th, 2012. Literally, the only thing going through my head was Peter Bis.

Pete's legacy is a simple lesson that I learned a long time ago and am still struggling to practice. Take a genuine interest in other people. Ask them questions and listen intently to their answers. 90% of people who say they are bad with names (myself included), are not. We're not bad with names, we're bad with interest. We meet someone for the first time, study their mannerisms, analyze their attire, and make a thorough evaluation of their soul purpose in life within the span of a minute.

Pete woke up every day intent to get to know his neighbors, often times when the last thing they wanted to get to know was him. People were his priority and passion. He didn't care what you did, he cared what you thought. That goes a long way. Wednesday 52 individuals clicked on this blog. Thursday over 6,000 did. A fitting display to the impact Pete made by genuinely caring about his community.

4 miles booked yesterday, 3 today. We'll get back to normal run logs over the weekend.

Streak on.

3.2 miles booked

5 dogs

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A lesson that you learned from your Dad - and no you have not quite mastered it as well as he or apparently Pete did - but clearly you are striving to become a more perfect person by sincerely taking an interest in all your neighbors without prejudice or preconceived ideas about them simply based on appearances for this I am very proud of you!

August 17, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCathy Rapp

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