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Day 1445

If all goes well, next Thursday will mark our 4th year straight of running everyday. An accomplishment, but man I wish I was on the other side of the equation. 4 years left is a little less daunting than 24.

Took an evening stroll tonight, just a little 2.5 miler. There were a ton of other runners out. It's that time of year. The running is GOOD. I spoke with Rico two weeks ago. He is doing well, as is his streak and hotdog shop. He said he had tried calling me about 30 minutes before I called him. I had no way of knowing this as he attempted to call me at my old phone number. Amazing, huh?

Last Friday I saw a runner who put things back into persepective a bit for me. The runner was a middle-aged man, 40 something, with a decent gut on him. Clearly, this man had not been out running on a consistent basis over the past few years. I'll never know why he was a bit overweight or what motivated to get him out there that Friday morning. What I do know, is that guy had the most determined look on his face. Love it. There I was, going about my daily jog, thinking about the day ahead, not pushing my own limits. And this guy, this man was going all out.

There are a million metaphors that can be drawn from this. There are a million metaphors that can be derived from virtually any occurrence. That's the power of the human mind, when it's turned on. This evening, as I look back, that man is a reminder to be present at all times. He's a reminder to consistently analyze what you are doing, even if you've done it every day for four years. Think about how you can do it better. Think about how you can do it differently. Think about if you should even be doing it at all.

Let's think today. Let's think tomorrow.

Streak on.

2.5 miles booked

4 dogs

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Happy 4th Year Anniversary!!! Keep on Running!!!

September 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCathy Rapp

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