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Kevin: Day 1945

Day 1945. Thinking a little about the man I began this streak with. I can't remember the last time I saw R.Z. Baker, let alone chatted with him. One of the more enjoyable aspects of the streak used to be the way it kept me connected to Zach. I miss the guy. 

The majority of my closest friends are from high school. Our roots are so deep that we can go for months or years without seeing each other and pick up right where we left off. As nice as that is, I think it's also hindered me in maintaining other friendships. I have a lot of folks that I'm good friends with for 3-6 months, then that's it. Oh well, enough about the deep doldrums of my mind today. Well, not just yet I guess. 

When you're going on long runs you have thoughts and streams of conscious like the above that develop into utter nonsense most of the time, but occasionally they sprout revelations. Today some new year's resolutions formed. It's not too late, right? 

#1. Planning Ahead

- I am not consistent enough with breaking out the calendar and planning ahead. I'm getting better in my old age, but there is ample room for improvement. 

#2. Staying in Touch

- As mentioned above, I have fallen into a habit of letting friends slip by the wayside. Were going to work on that a bit. 

#3. Get Out More

- This goes hand in hand with #2. I moved to one of the better locations in the city for grabbing a cold beer after a long day of work, but seldom do. It's time to change! I almost went as far as to make a rule that I must grab at least one beer at a random bar 3 nights a week, but that could've been detrimental. We shall see. 

Ok, sorry. On to running. It was a gorgeous evening for a run, first time in weeks I've been able to go in all shorts. I took this baby to the Lincoln Memorial and back home. The legs felt great. Nothing too interesting to report, but there were a lot of fellow joggers out there. Good job guys. 

7.1 miles down

9 dogs

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