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Kevin: Day 1953

Day 1953. Great start. Solid run to my buddy Abe Lincoln before the city goes bananas. I do love it and I am as guilty as the next... but it's just ridiculous how nuts we go over a snow storm. I am super excited though. This is the first time I get to test out the new wheels. The old Taurus put in great effort during snowstorms in the past. I mean, she really outdid herself. But I cannnnn't waiiiiiiiit to see what the Cherokee does!!! YES!!!

The left ankle is still bothering me. It's not too bad. I think some improvements in the diet and water intake over the past 48 hours have helped; talk about feeling like an old man. I used to always feel like an old man trapped in a young man's body, now I am beginning to feel just the opposite. Yikes. Ahhhhhh. Ehhhhhhhh.

I forgot to mention, I did end up visiting the Fainting Goat last week. I had a great meal and ended up staying a little longer than planned. Two thumbs up. It's a solid, classy without being pretentious neighborhood watering hole. VERY 2014. 

6.3 miles down

4 dogs

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