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Kevin: Day 1961

Day 1961. Ok, I admit it. The last few days have been pretty damn challenging. It has jusssst been FRIGID. I mean, the minute you're out the door your bones are pure ice. Now I know what it feels like to be Michael Jordan in game 7 of the NBA finals down 2 with the ball in his hands and 15 seconds left. 

My sleeping game has been at bit disappointing over the last two weeks or so, very inconsistent. Yes, in actuality, it has probably been good for me physically. BUT mentally, when I go to bed at 1 and aim to get up at 5, only to get up at 7... it takes a toll. I feel like a failure. 

Part of my predicament in the ultra endurance, mega-mileage world is that my life doesn't revolve entirely around it. I want to have my cake, or pizza... and run 20 miles too!! You can substitute or add beer & wine in there as well. I feel like I'll never find a proper balance, largely in part because I take so many areas of my life to such extremes. I don't know many people who go out for a run on a Saturday and unexpectedly end up running a marathon. 

To note, the one 10 miler a week addition to the streak remains in tact. I'd have to go back through my posts to see how long it's been. I think we're over 2 months now. This Saturday's 10 miler was particularly challenging. 

Hmmm... what else gang? Bowling is on tomorrow night. Crossing my fingers for no gutter balls. 

4.5 miles down

6 dogs

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