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Kevin: Day 2215

DAY 2215. Rapp's been on quite the running heater as of late. Throwing out 6 milers like it's a freaking joke. Broke out an early morning sunrise sixer today to the Lincoln Memorial. Absolutely gorgeous. Definitely logged 50+ miles in the past 7 days. I needed it after a California vacation laden in rich foods and lush wines. 

I stepped on a scale on the 2nd to last day of my vacation and was hurt. I couldn't believe how much I weighed. Reality, can be a great motivator. There's no bullshitting a scale. If it says you weigh 220lbs, you weigh 220lbs. It's not going to change the number if you're nice to it. 

Been going through quite a bit of soreness during the first mile or so of recent jogs, then it subsides. Think I'm just breaking the legs back into the swing of consistent long distances. 

All in all, pretty happy w/ what life is tossing at me as of late. No complaints bros and babes.

6.2 miles

7 dogs

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