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Kevin: Day 1979

Day 1979. Woooops, I had a strong start to the healthy streak. And, I'm going to have a strong finish. But what type of friend would I be, if I didn't have a couple cold brews to celebrate a good friend's bday. I'll tell you what type of friend I'd be, a bad one. A friend that can't put his personal wants and needs aside for the benefit of his brethren. So, last night I had a couple pops, nothing too crazy. 

The one 10 miler a week streak continues. Yesterday was wonderful. When I stopped and looked at my GPS app, it read 13.1 miles on the dot. Today I relaxed a bit, it is Sunday after all. At about 2:00 pm after watching several episodes of A Football Life and True Detective, I hit the streets for a quick 1.5 miles. 3 weeks away from 2,000 straight days... pretty nuts. 

Hope you are having a wonderful President's Day Weekend. You deserve it. We deserve it. America, deserves it. 

P.S. I'm still waiting for someone to coin the phrase, "Oshie Can You See". That was ridiculous. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, be a better American)

1.7 miles down

3 dogs

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