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Kevin: Day 1982

Day 1982. I don't know if I had some food poisoning or the weather fluctuations are getting to me... or if I'm just dying... but man my body has been a bit out of wack over the past 3-4 days. It could be lack of sleep as well. My sleep patterns tend to fluctuate quite a bit. Sometimes I can go for months on end w/ 4-6 hours and dominate. Then there's times like now where I can't get enough sleep. 

This morning I dozed until about 7:30, not leaving myself much time for a run. I actually felt pretty solid upon arriving home and decided I'd make tonight's run a long one. I ended up going for 9 miles. The legs were a bit tight. 

Tomorrow I'm hitting the pool at 6:00 am. I miss swimming. And.... if this Iron Man thing is really going to happen, I need to be there at least twice a week. I'm trying to think if I have anything else to report. This may be the most boring blog post I've ever made. Oh yes... light bulb.

Connor and I had a semi-lengthy discussion during the Super Bowl about Intermittent fasting. He swears by it and sent me an article this afternoon. I'm trying it out. The idea is to go 20 hours w/out food a few times a month to cleanse the body and re-charge the proverbial batteries. I dig it, I guess. We'll see... It can be rather easily executed by having an early dinner around 6:00 pm one day, and then having a late lunch around 2:00 pm the next. The one thing that scares me is I might get too sexy. I mean I'm not going to lie, Connor is looking pretty good right now, especially as a newly minted dad. 

P.S. - That gif image has nothing to do w/ this post. It just kind of makes me happy; for no particular reason. 

9.2 miles down

8 dogs

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