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Kevin Day 1968


Day 1968. Just wanted to get a quick update in here. The countdown to 2,000 is picking up speed. It was a little chilly out there this morning, and wet, but these are the days that make the streak the streak. Most people throw in the towel on a rainy day. But not this guy. I can't afford too. 

A new initiative has taken shape in my life. It's a bit wordy, but I couldn't come up with anything shorter that took into account all that this encompasses. I still think the phrase doesn't quite grasp it all, but it's a start. I'm calling this mission the, "Post-Bowl, Pre-Blarney, Personal Re-Generative Expedition." Basically, it's a self cleanse, a toxin timeout. 

There isn't much going on after the Super Bowl and before St. Patrick's Day. So, I figured, why not take this uneventful time period as a chance to balance the body out. From now until March 17th, there will be no booze consumed. Yes, some will hit my lips, due to my profession, however it will not go down the hatch. I'm actually pretty excited about this. I can't remember the last time I went for over a week without having at least 1 adult beverage. 

The program is an all encompassing mission. The idea is to be totally conscious of what is going in and out of the body. For years I hardly drank sodas, yet over the past year or two I've found way too many entering my body. No Red Bull, no late night jumbo slices. Give me water, give me hydration, give me green tea, give me veggies, GIVE ME HEALTH. Yes, that's right. I demand balance. I demand equilibrium. And I won't stop until I get it. And heck, once I get it, maybe I'll just keep on going. Ok, maybe not....

Anywho, took this mornings trot to the Lincoln Memorial, ran up the stairs, winked at Abe, and headed back home. 

Streak on my friends, streak on. 

6.2 miles logged

4 dogs


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I like the realistic, smart, healthy short-term goal! Bravo!!!

February 5, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterCathy Rapp

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