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Kevin: Day 2302

Day 2302. I haven't ran yet today. We'll get there. Just wanted to make good on my resolution to spend a little more time on the blog in 2015; while I had some free time this Sunday morning. 

It has been a very relaxing weekend. I saw The Interview Thursday night and Unbroken Friday night. I wasn't expecting The Interview to be anything special, and it wasn't. I did, however, have high hopes for Unbroken, and was left wanting. Unbroken was good, that's it. It was far from great. The casting was spot on. I loved that the actors were all young and unknown (to me at least). It was an aesthetically pleasing film as well. But, the film had an emptiness to it. I wanted to connect with the characters but was unable to do so. The film lacked an overall. "realness". It was like a perfectly drawn painting that had no depth or originality. 

Anyhow, what else is going on? Took a day trip yesterday to Frederick, MD. I'm sure at some point in my life I've been there, but I can't remember it. It's a cool, quaint little town. There are a ton of nice shops and restaurants all located in a very walkable, charming downtown district. We made the most of it in the persistent rain & cold, can only imagine how nice it would be to visit on a spring day. Weather stifled plans to visit nearby Cunningham Falls State Park. We'll be back to check out the 78 foot waterfall and surrounding park. 

I had pizza for dinner. 

Day 2302 TBJ...

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