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Kevin: Day 2585

Day 2585. Well, here we are. That Iron man thing never materialized. It got shot down. I'll spare you the details. 

The streak however, is alive. It's not particularly strong at the moment. Most days over the past few weeks have been simple 1.5 milers. That's ok though. Every streak runner needs his rest. The streak, like life; ebbs and flows. Often, it ebbs and flows with life. Highs in life, coincide with highs in the streak, and vice versa. I'm not necessarily at a particular low point right now. There's just a lot on the plate. 

October, November, and December or, "OND", as us industry folks call it; is the busiest time of the year for booze sales. Couple that with a recent engagement and figuring out where to get married... before there are no places left to get married, adds another entree to the table. 

But these worries, are no worries; compared to what other folks have going on. The older you get the more you are aware and included in real life conversations. I've always been acutely aware of cancer, but man it seems like it's touching every single person I know these days. 

I can almost guarantee my next post won't be as dreary. Just wanted to get one in. A streak doesn't become a streak, without a start. 

1.6 miles down

4 dogs

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