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Kevin: Day 2606

Day 2606. It's difficult to write when you haven't in awhile. I hope at some point when I write an entry, I'll be back to the old flow that I used to have. Or at least, that I think/thought I had. Maybe there's a reason that my readership never reached more than 50-100 people a day on average... 

When I come back to the blog, I feel so guilty. It's like an old friend that I haven't seen in a few months or even a year. The problem is, though the fault may be 50/50 in regards to missed communications between friends; with the blog it's 100% on me. 

This morning I ran to Major General George Henry Thomas Circle and back. Not a long run, but a sufficient run. It was pitch black out, slight chill in the air. There were a few other runners out there and some people en route to work. 

I shaved the beard into a mustache today. You'll get a photo at some point, if you're lucky. 

Streak on my friends. 

Streak on.

1.7 miles down

2 dogs

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