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Kevin: Day 2437

Day 2437. The streak is strong, and; it's about to get stronger. 

After much contemplation, delay, and excuses, on May 18th, 2015, I bit the bullet. I secured my entry for October 3rd's Ironman Race in Cumberland, Maryland. I am very scared. It gives me butterflies just thinking about it. 

What's more streakish at it's core than an Ironman? The endeavor is absurd. It goes against so much that the athletic community touts in terms of limits. But, like the streak, great men and women before me have proved that completing an Ironman is within the reach of an individual who is willing to commit. 

I've committed to running the race, and that's necessary. But the real commitment is in training. Just looking at training plans is mind boggling. I love it. I'm so excited. And even more importantly, it gives me an excuse. No longer are my long runs, swims, or bike rides random. They are part of a plan, part of a regimen. 

The 1st time I rode in Bike to the Beach I had this same feeling. It's the motivation that comes from the understanding that you might not be capable to complete a task. How invigorating is it to know that you are challenging yourself to something so daunting. 

Quick 6 miler to the Lincoln Memorial and home this morning. 

6.4 miles 

7 dogs

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