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Kevin Day 2668

Day 2668: It was bone chilling cold today. My lips are chapped for the first time this season. The car was frigid to start the day. Is there anything that goes from sucking to being amazing quicker than a car going from freezing thick cold nastiness to blasting hot air? 

Had a wonderful sleep. Woke up out of a random dream at my Elementary School. I was walking by the old 8th grade steps with my friend Mike. I looked to my right and saw Alan Poho, the owner of Tommy Joe's (a Bethesda bar), in a golf cart, selling something. I can't remember what he was selling. I think it was some type of food and t-shirts. Anyhow, don't think this dream, "means", anything. Just odd. 

I barely ever run on treadmills, but today I had two good excuses. 

1. It was cold.

2. I wanted to workout at the gym. 

After a month and a half or two months of getting back on track in the gym; I fell off the wagon pretty hard in December. Habits.. tough to start the good ones, tough to break the bad ones. I ran 1.53 miles on that God awful machine. How do people do it? I can't stop checking the time/distance when I'm on a treadmill. It sucks. 

That's about it today. Streak on.

1.53 miles down

No dogs. 

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