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Kevin: Day 2900


Day 2900. Couldn't sleep. There's a lot on the mind. The particular thing that is on my mind, is not suitable to be published for all to see on the world wide, at this date. I woke up, wide awake, from a dream about this particular thing, at sometime around 3:00am. It was one of those, "Wow, I'm really awake", wake ups that come every now and then, well before you should be up for the day. 

Nothing to be concerned about, this particular thing is a good thing. I am extremely excited about it, and can't wait to share. 

The streak has been good as of late. There was a period a few months back when it was not so good. Due to improper footwear, my feet, mainly around my ankles, had begun to hurt so bad that it was painful just stepping out of bed, let alone going on a run each morning. It took at minimum, 1 mile into the days run for the pain to dissipate.

For the most part, I've been logging about 40 miles a week the past month or so. Saturday, I went for it and busted out a 15+ miler. It hurt, but I'm not sorry about it. The worst part is I did it in the middle of the day. It was brutally hot, but no, I didn't take off my shirt. I admit I was tempted to. I maybe saw 5 other people out jogging, during the course of a 15 miler, it was that stupid. But what wasn't stupid was enjoying 3 steaks for dinner. 

Next Friday I'm getting married. Wow. I teared up just typing that. If I'm tearing up typing, imagine the waterworks I'm going to have when she walks down the aisle. And then, that Monday, it's off to Italy. Day 1 of R28 Year 9 will be completed on the streets of Rome, so stoked. 

Do you jog in place while stopped at intersections? If so, please explain yourself in the comment section. Anyhow, just wanted to touch base. More about actual runs in future posts. 

Day 2900 TBJ...

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