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Kevin: Day 3042

Day 3042. On a hot streak as of late. Making pretty much 4 mile minimums, averaging around 6-7 mile runs for the past few weeks. Such a change. There are weeks or months where I will go for prolonged streaks of just running the minimum 1.5-2 miles everyday. In general, I feel overwhelmingly downtrodden and funky during these periods. It's certainly a combination of the positive or negative psychological aspect that accompanies either accomplishing good distance, or failing to. Further influenced by the natural endorphins and other physical health benefits that either are aided or diminished based upon the length of runs. 

People say I'm crazy. It's not natural to run everyday. Well, I've been doing it for 8 years so far, without missing a day. And, you know, it seems to be working. Without the streak I would certainly be worse off than I am now. Yes, there is a possibility that down the road, some type of arthritis/wear & tear issues will occur. But, maybe they won't? And even if they do, isn't that normal? Don't people's bodies break down at some point regardless?

I think the perception that it's crazy to run everyday is out there, largely in part because it is not the norm. But, when has normal not changed? At some point, most all normalcies, disappear. Maybe streak running isn't physically possible for everyone. It might not be in your genetic makeup. But, I think there are really a lot of people out there who could benefit from it. 

I don't think about whether or not I am going to go on a run on a specific day. I have to. I can't break the streak. Even other people agree with me now. How ridiculous would it be to just say, "ehhh, I don't feel like it today." After I've overcome that for over 3,000 days. There are a lot of days that I feel like crap, I'm sick, hurt, just don't want to go on a run. But that is where the beauty of the streak lies. I don't have a choice. I have to run. 

6.3 miles down

13 dogs

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