Kevin: Day 3283
Monday, September 11, 2017 at 4:12PM


Day 3283. Started the morning with a call to AAA, for an injured beast. Yes, our beloved 1997 Dodge Ram 3500 12 Passenger Cargo Van, had some mechanical issues. The towing company gave me a 45 minute or so window, which I used for a quick jaunt down towards the White House. 

I was exhausted this morning, after a long day with friends at FedEx Field, which culminated in an 0-1 start to the season, and a strong sun burn on my face, particularly on my temples. Strong burn. But, in a few days, it'll look great, right?

Nothing tremendous to report, but the legs and lungs do feel solid at the outset of year 10. That extra mile is so important. If you can just push yourself to go for another mile or another 10 minutes, it makes all the difference. A lot of times, after I have pushed for that extra mile, I find the flood gates open, and I go for several more. I yearned for a long run today, but... had to cut it short to meet the tow truck driver. 

If I had only known... the tow truck driver would arrive and say that the lift on his tow truck was malfunctioning. He said he would call in another driver. An hour later when I called AAA, they said a call to another driver had not been placed and they would reach out to another company. 4 hours later, the Beast was off to the shop. Fortunately, the initial diagnosis points to a minor injury, and the Beast may be back on the road as early as tomorrow afternoon! YESSSSS!

3.2 miles down

8 dogs. 


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