Kevin: Day 3524
Thursday, May 10, 2018 at 9:33PM


Day 3524. Good run this morning. Somewhere in the 13 miles range. Needed it. 

Long runs are magical. It's the combination of the literal physical results with the psychological satisfaction from the accomplishment. No matter how many times I go for an 8 plus miler, the enjoyment never dissipates. 

The streak has been solid as of late, but nothing to write home about. The past few days I have been aiming to get up at 5am for my runs, but have messed up due to alarm problems or simple laziness. When a habit or pattern hasn't been set in stone, it can be s difficult to get it started. Especially when it comes to perceived short term pleasure; whether that be indulging in food, tobacco, excess alcohol, or... in this case, a few extra minutes of shut eye. 

The key, easier said than done, in all of these areas; is engraining in yourself the ability to understand in these individual, short lived moments of weakness, that they will pass. And, if you don't give in, most of the time; you're better off. I have seldom regretted waking up early and heading out for a 5:00am run. Yet, it's not always so easy to convince myself at 5:00am that I'll be happy I got up from my warm cozy bed. 

13.4 miles down

19 dogs

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