Kevin: Day 3855 & 3856
Sunday, April 7, 2019 at 8:21PM

Day 3855 & 3856. A couple somewhat similar runs. Here en lies the problem with waiting a little to blog these days.My short term memory is a little bit iffy. I cannot remember for sure if yesterday's run included a baby or not. I am searching through different places that I went during the run, digging for a clue. I am literally doing this as I type. Stopped by The Capitol Building, went kind of close to the Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin, past the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, etc... but did this all happen with a jogging stroller. I think it did. 

Today is a bit more memorable, more fresh. Nicole was not feeling so hot; so Fina and I walked her over to urgent care in Dupont. She had a sinus infection last week and seemed like the antibiotics weren't quite pulling their weight. 

The baby and I headed down 17th street to the National Mall, banging a right on Constitution. Along the way we avoided hordes of tourists and people streaming back from what must've been The Cherry Blossom 10 miler. It was frustrating. It shouldn't have been frustrating. Some days and stretches of time I am better at compartmentalizing minor annoyances. Writing helps with this. It enables a bit of reflection. Why are you getting annoyed that Jane, Jim, Jack and Brad Doe do not understand the unwritten rules of DC sidewalk etiquette?

Yes, it's annoying when people walk 5 wide across a sidewalk and do little to move out of the way for a man with a stroller. But who cares? Don't let it bring you down. Move over and move on. Right? Right. So it's Sunday night, we had a great family weekend including a Costco trip!!, I had two fantastic long jogs, and the blog (at least for the moment) is back. Life is good. 

13.6 miles (combined)

19 dogs

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