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 1.5 miles   Everyday For28Years 

Zach and Kevin met at The University of South Carolina.Years later, in 2008, on a September Saturday afternoon in Washington, D.C., they reunited. Kevin mentioned he recently saw an episode of the HBO series, "Hard Knocks", featuring Jim Garrett. JG had ran at least 1 mile everyday for 28 years. Inspired, Kevin was 5 days into his streak . Zach was not an avid runner; yet dually motivated, asked Kevin if he would like a partner in his peculiar pursuit.                               



Zach: Day 6 of 10,220

   I was thrilled to log on this morning and see the great Gump picture that Kevin uploaded.  Nice going big guy.  I had a lot of errands to run today, most of which involved paying bills for the restaurant.  Paying sales tax might be the least pleasant part of my month.  The rest of it is usually very enjoyable.  Grandma arrived today around 3:00 pm.  I helped her unload, and then she, Barton, and I watched Barton's DVD, "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels."  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was vulgar, bloody, and showed boobs.  Maybe not an appropriate choice for grandma.  After the matinee we were all hungry so we went to Grandma's favorite seafood place, Lee's Inlet Kitchen, for some good ole fried seafood.  I probably consumed about 3500+ calories today:

    Breakfast:  Jalepeno Cheddar Burger/ Lunch: Hotdog, two cookies/ Dinner: hushpuppies, salad, fried oysters, flounder, and shrimp.  Yummy!!!! It is safe to say I had plenty of fuel for tonights run.  After such a gluttanous day I was unsure how far I'd make it going into my run so I was surprised when I just kept going and going.  After dinner I changed into a khaki Sam's Corner shirt and black gamecock basketball shorts.  I chose to run in North Litchfield this evening, and for the first time began my run on the beach.  I started at the southern most beach access (14N) in North Litchfield and began to run north along the beach.  The moon was full and the stars plentiful so I had no issues with lighting at the begginning of my run which took me along a row of beach houses that spanned at least a mile.  During this portion of the run I passed no other runners, but a few very serious night time seashell hunters, who are surprisingly not a very sociable lot. 

    Eventually the row of houses came to an end, but I didn't feel like turning around so I proceeded north with nothing but tall sand dunes on my left and Atlantic Ocean on my right.  At some point during this portion of the run I convinced myself I would keep running until the beach came to an end.  However, I am now convinced that North Litchfield Beach does not end until Maine, because I ran a very long way with no end in sight.  Once I saw a beach access I immediately made my way down the sandy path off the beach.  I looked to my left, and to my surprise saw Atalaya, an old abandoned mansion in Huntington Beach State Park that resembles a prison.  The moonlight dissapeared over the sanddunes leaving me in complete darkness, and I began to get the feeling I would be attacked by a ghost from the abandoned mansion at any moment.  It was then that I decided to get back on the beach and begin the run back to my car.  Once I approached the row of houses I opted to take the first possible beach access back to the paved road due to soreness of the achilles tendon from running so long on the beach.  The run down the paved road was much easier and I estimate that todays covered at least 5.5 miles.  I did 30 push-ups before my run on the beach access boardwalk and completed 25 more in the parking lot of the restaurant. 

   After my run I picked Evan Watson up from Islander, took him home, and arrived at my apartment to find Grandma and Barton laying down watching an old episode of MASH.  One Day I will find out where the beach ends.


Kevin: Day 10/10220

Double digits baby! And the walls keep tumbling down, yeah... I woke up at about 7:30 on this beautiful Monday, September 15th, 2008. 25 years ago today a wee little baby first set eyes on this world. Happy Birthday Ms. Calio.

I rolled around in bed till about 8:57 then laced em up. I walked downstairs in an ash grey tee (FYI: the color can be spelled either grEy or grAy) with blue Adidas shorts and banged out 51 push ups. I was struggling around 34 but decided to get em' out of the way. I was going to be a tad late to work already, so I decided I might as well be a tad later and get day 10 off on the right foot. I set my own schedule, but like to be in the office by 9:00.

I have been doing a little re-search on jogging everyday and it is definitely doable. To be safe I have eased up my pace a little. Although this probably won't last too long. My left ankle has been a bit sore since Saturday, but not too concerned yet. I started right around the intersection of Wisconsin and Massachusetts. I was pretty zoned out for most of the jog just thinking about life.

My pee wee football team had two games this weekend. We went 1 1/2 - 0. Along the way we scored 33 points and allowed 0. The second half of our game was canceled on Sunday because it was too hot? One of the refs passed out at half time so... it was kind of understandable. The dude had to be at least 75 years old. He was an African American gentleman with puffy white hair under his referee cap and a raggedy white beard. About 10 minutes before half he waved me over from the sidelines to come out on the field. He said, "let me hold you," and proceeded to grab onto my arm for support. This was a bit odd, but I got him some water and didn't think much else of it, until the ambulance arrived.

The streak has been putting a bit of a damper on my social life. Since I have been waking up at 5 am or so I tend to be Larry Csonka'd by 10 or 11.

I saw no dogs today.


Zach: Day 5 of 10,220

     I'm sitting in the office with the towel wrapped around me watching Al Michaels and John Madden deliver commentary on the upcoming Browns/Steeler Sunday Night Football game debating whether or not to submit my entry now or proceed to the shower.  Looks like I've already made my decision.  I have been exhausted all day from the weekends activities, and lack of sleep due to overcrowding at the Chris Stacey Bed and Breakfast.  I helped my cousin, Barton, through the lunch rush, caught up on some administrative duties, and then I had to take a power nap. 

     I got a 7:00 pm wake-up call from mamma, and immediately hit the floor feeling zealous about the upcoming run.  Today was my first sunset run and by the far the most enjoyable run of my life.  I chose to run off the beaten path today in the Hagley neighborhood of Pawleys Island.  For today's run I sported a yellow Sam's Corner T-shirt and black gamecock shorts.  By the way, when I say off the beaten path I mean on an entirely dirt road.  I parked my car at the boat landing on the Waccammaw River down Old Plantation Road. 

     It is from there that I began my run down Old Waccammaw Road which naturally runs along the Waccamaw River.  I need to buy a digital camera so that I can start providing more vivid imagery, but it looked like a scene from a John Grisham or Pat Conroy novel.  Along the river there are large antebellum style homes surrounded by tall pines and live oaks, none of which can escape consumption by hanging Spanish Moss.  As I ran I watched the sun begin to set along the Waccammaw River, and for some reason today I experienced very little fatigue.  It had to be because I escaped the extreme heat of mid day lowcountry South Carolina.  From now on I will strive to run early in the morning or in the early evenings.  My feet took me on several detours as I ran down windy side roads to get a closer look at the river.  The entire time I enjoyed a nostalgic smell that reminded me of my Papa and the windy path toward the lake at his old house in Seneca.  It smelled like pine cones and campfire.  Eventually I made my way back onto Old Plantation Road and began my run back towards the boat landing. 

     When I arrived at the landing I ran all the way out onto the aluminum floating dock and immediately did fifty pushups.  Upon completion of the push-ups I removed my shoes, dipped my feet in the river, and enjoyed watching the last ray of sunshine exit the horizon.  I sat there thinking for a little while just enjoying being alone with my thoughts.  I am typically a very loud and outgoing person (maybe even a little obnoxious at times) that hates being alone.  However, I am becoming a stronger runner that enjoys going on longer runs instead of simply knocking out my 1.5 miles.  This in a sense forces me to become more introspective and learn more about myself.  When I got up to leave I turned around to the sight of a full moon.  Today' run was nothing short of perfect.  I look forward to running along the river more often.  Now I have to go clean the apartment.  Grandma's coming to visit tommorrow. 


Zach: Day 4 of 10,220

    Sorry to all you bloggers out there.  I know i'm a day late getting my Day 4 posted, but that's because my friend Chris Stacey does not have internet at his house, and besides I had to get spruced up for gameday.  Day 4 was a day of turning the skeptics into believers.  I woke up around 8:00.  Gotta get a jump on the day when the cocks are playing.  About six of my friends were couch flopping at Stacey's house this weekend, and when I told them of my goal they said they needed confirmation and didn't believe it could be accomplished or that I was actually running the entire 1.5 miles. 

     In an effort to prove them wrong I had Stacey lube up the old treadmill in his bedroom which was in desperate need of use, I set the speed at a brisk pace and began my jog.  I forgot to pack a t-shirt so I decided to go with the Columbia swim trunks/shirtless look.  During my run I enjoyed the company and taunting of Mr. John Mcmurray, Nathan Snyder,Chris and Brandon Stacey, as well as John Brinson (the only one who believed in me; Thanks Big Guy).  I completed my mile and half, went downstairs, and immediately knocked out 50 consecutive push-ups. 

    What a great way to start the day.  Now I'm ready to tailgate.  I took a shower, and over the course of the next hour or so we assembled a formidable posse.  We then made our way to Morrisson Memorial tailgate lot, a place that is unrivaled in its level of debauchery.  Yesterday was one of the hottest gamedays I have ever experienced with temperatures in the high nineties, but much like running, a dedicated Gamecock will fight through the blistering heat in the quest for the optimal tailgate/gameday experience. 

    Sadly, the Cocks fell to #2 ranked Georgia 14-7 yesterday.  We had our chances, and had higher statistics in every major category.  The defense looked great, and the offensive line even showed signs of life in the second half.  I could have stomached the loss a little easier had we beated Vanderbilt last week, but for some reason consistency has never really been a staple of the program.  It was just a typical hot Saturday in September, a lowscoring batlle down in the trenches between the cocks and dawgs.  Somebodies gotta win.  See you next September in Athens.   


Kevin: Day 9/10220

Gameday. Normally I would be headed to watch the Skins run wild on the Saints, but today I have the pleasure of coaching my 75lb Pony B's at 12:45. Great re-scheduling job....

I decided today to knock out 50 push ups right off the bat. I hit the road and got in a quick 1.5 + miles.  I have to leave for my game soon and still need to update my fantasy line ups. Starting Tim Hightower?

I saw two dogs today. I also went to Gonzaga.


Kevin: Day 8/10220

Saturday morning jogging, the best...

I woke up this morning around 6:30. I was kind of half awake and then I heard my phone vibrating its ass off on the wood bed side table. I had received a text message from a good friend in Cleveland. Guess there's not much to do there. I got up around 8 and drove home.

At 8:30 I was at the door, on the floor, completing 25 measly push ups. NBD. Just seconds later in my blue bike to the beach tee and black Nike shorts, I was back on the pavement. I thought it was going to rain today, but no. It was gorgeous. There were plenty of people out. Saturday morning joggers are serious yet happy and plentiful.

My jog took me into the heart of Bethesda. Today I elected to hit the Capital Crescent Trail. I took the path that goes underneath Wisconsin Ave. towards Connecticut. I received a text message from Zach half-way through the tunnel and stopped to respond. While I was texting away a BCC cheerleader in full uni came bolting by in a dead sprint. I couldn't let her get away with that so I quickly finished texting and sprinted past her. After I knew she had bit the dust I slowed down a bit. Then bam! a dad with his jogging stroller passed me at a blistering pace. Sadly, I could not keep up.

I arrived at the intersection of the trail and Connecticut Avenue at Chevy Chase Lake and headed back up Connecticut towards home. Today I noticed a few things. One. People are getting lazy about mowing their lawns. This must happen at the end of most summers. I myself was super stoked in spring to get out and mow the lawn, but now am guilty of lawn mowing procrastination.

Two. My dream house is for sale. 3911 Bradley Blvd.

When I got back home I hit the floor for 30 more push ups.

I saw 9 dogs today. TBC


Zach: Day 3 of 10220

    Still sweating from the two mile run along Pawleys Island that I just completed.  Today is a big day.  A wise man named Jay Laura once told me that you develop habits over the course of three days.  Well this is Day 3 so it shold be habitual by now.  I admit that I did not get as early a start as I would have liked.  I overslept a little, but that was remedied when I got a text from Kev this morningaround 9:00.  I immediately arose from my slumber and threw on my khaki Columbia swim trunks, and a yellow Sam's Corner cut off t-shirt.  I then proceeded to bang out 25 perfect pushups.  I can start to feel those burning in the pecs.

   I hopped in the Avenger and began my drive to Pawleys Island, all the way listening to my new Vampire Weekend CD.  Great Band!  They're playing in the District the weekend of the skins-giants game.  If you're in the DC area you should check em out.  I have to get my music fix on the ride because I have chosen to never purchase an ipod.  That is someting that will most likely change in the very near future.

   I began my run at the town hall/police department which is located in a building on the marsh about the size of my apartment.  As soon as I started today I felt like I was surrounded by people, at least compared to my two previous days, which have both been afternoon runs.  The only fellow runner I encountered on today's journey was a great shirtless old guy who looked kinda like Pauley from the Sopranos(lots of white chest hair).  I wonder if he's been running everyday for the last 28 years?  As I began my run down the marsh I passed three guys atop a roof.  I tried to say hello, but they couldnt hear me over their boombox, which was blaring Brad Paisley's hit song, "Alcohol".  I then turned the corner, ran to the northern most part of the island, and then turned around to begin my trek back to the car.  On the way back I encountered four little girls on bicycles with training wheels who I chose not to address, as well as a nice older black lady wearing a bandanna who saw me and shouted "Alright!"  Today's run was fairly basic, but enjoyable, and even though my legs are sore, the runs seem to be getting easier.  When I got home I had no choice but to do 27 more push-ups just to one up Kevin. 

   Tommorrow is Day 4 and will be a new challenge in and of itself.  Running on gameday is when you know you are truly commmitted. It will no doubt be an early morning run.  I can't wait to get to Columbia and see Leah the barber.  What a great lady!  I'm off.  Don't forget to pack your tennis shoes.


Kevin: Day 7/10220

Bzzzzz. Bzzzzz. Bzzzzz , time to run! I awake and toss on an old school cotton ash grey Gamecocks tee, black Adidas shorts w/ white trim, one short black sock, one long white sock, and white Nike shocks. I have a new roommate as of last night. His name is Spanky. He is a red eared slider. What is a red eared slider? A water turtle. I have one.

6 am. It is really dark when I wake up and I don't want to bother Spanky too much so I bumble around for a bit. I use my ipod as a light to navigate around my room and out into the hallway. We have 4 couches in the TV room right outside my door, two of them are occupied. One by a babe, one by a dude. I do not say hello. They are sleeping. My ipod guides me to the front door. Once outside I pop my headphones in. "Mi amor" by the Gypsy Kings is playing. Motivated by this, I hit the pavement for 25 solid push ups. As I take off for run 7/10220 an ambulance screams by on Wisconsin Avenue . Red alert, it's Friday!

I feel pretty damn good from the outset of the jog. There are a lot of cars on the road, but few joggers. I will see no fellow joggers this morning. I do see 3 or 4 people who got up to speed walk. "I'm gonna get up this morning and walk as fast as I can!!!" I respect that.

What I do not respect is that these people are not friendly. I try to make eye contact or at least get an acknowledging head nod, but nothing. They are focused. One foot in front of the other as fast as possible without crossing into the realm of running. Committed to excellence.

I meander my way past Barnes & Noble and hang a right at McCormick and Schmick's. I swing by McDonald's, the smell is intoxicating. When I get home I hit the sidewalk and do my second set of push ups. This time I do 26. I head in the door and notice the dude from the couch is up. It is young Mikey. He is cold. I grab him a tiger stripe pattern blanket. He is warm.

I saw two dogs today.