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 1.5 miles   Everyday For28Years 

Zach and Kevin met at The University of South Carolina.Years later, in 2008, on a September Saturday afternoon in Washington, D.C., they reunited. Kevin mentioned he recently saw an episode of the HBO series, "Hard Knocks", featuring Jim Garrett. JG had ran at least 1 mile everyday for 28 years. Inspired, Kevin was 5 days into his streak . Zach was not an avid runner; yet dually motivated, asked Kevin if he would like a partner in his peculiar pursuit.                               



Kevin Day 2668

Day 2668: It was bone chilling cold today. My lips are chapped for the first time this season. The car was frigid to start the day. Is there anything that goes from sucking to being amazing quicker than a car going from freezing thick cold nastiness to blasting hot air? 

Had a wonderful sleep. Woke up out of a random dream at my Elementary School. I was walking by the old 8th grade steps with my friend Mike. I looked to my right and saw Alan Poho, the owner of Tommy Joe's (a Bethesda bar), in a golf cart, selling something. I can't remember what he was selling. I think it was some type of food and t-shirts. Anyhow, don't think this dream, "means", anything. Just odd. 

I barely ever run on treadmills, but today I had two good excuses. 

1. It was cold.

2. I wanted to workout at the gym. 

After a month and a half or two months of getting back on track in the gym; I fell off the wagon pretty hard in December. Habits.. tough to start the good ones, tough to break the bad ones. I ran 1.53 miles on that God awful machine. How do people do it? I can't stop checking the time/distance when I'm on a treadmill. It sucks. 

That's about it today. Streak on.

1.53 miles down

No dogs. 


Kevin: Day 2606

Day 2606. It's difficult to write when you haven't in awhile. I hope at some point when I write an entry, I'll be back to the old flow that I used to have. Or at least, that I think/thought I had. Maybe there's a reason that my readership never reached more than 50-100 people a day on average... 

When I come back to the blog, I feel so guilty. It's like an old friend that I haven't seen in a few months or even a year. The problem is, though the fault may be 50/50 in regards to missed communications between friends; with the blog it's 100% on me. 

This morning I ran to Major General George Henry Thomas Circle and back. Not a long run, but a sufficient run. It was pitch black out, slight chill in the air. There were a few other runners out there and some people en route to work. 

I shaved the beard into a mustache today. You'll get a photo at some point, if you're lucky. 

Streak on my friends. 

Streak on.

1.7 miles down

2 dogs


Kevin: Day 2585

Day 2585. Well, here we are. That Iron man thing never materialized. It got shot down. I'll spare you the details. 

The streak however, is alive. It's not particularly strong at the moment. Most days over the past few weeks have been simple 1.5 milers. That's ok though. Every streak runner needs his rest. The streak, like life; ebbs and flows. Often, it ebbs and flows with life. Highs in life, coincide with highs in the streak, and vice versa. I'm not necessarily at a particular low point right now. There's just a lot on the plate. 

October, November, and December or, "OND", as us industry folks call it; is the busiest time of the year for booze sales. Couple that with a recent engagement and figuring out where to get married... before there are no places left to get married, adds another entree to the table. 

But these worries, are no worries; compared to what other folks have going on. The older you get the more you are aware and included in real life conversations. I've always been acutely aware of cancer, but man it seems like it's touching every single person I know these days. 

I can almost guarantee my next post won't be as dreary. Just wanted to get one in. A streak doesn't become a streak, without a start. 

1.6 miles down

4 dogs


Kevin: Day 2437

Day 2437. The streak is strong, and; it's about to get stronger. 

After much contemplation, delay, and excuses, on May 18th, 2015, I bit the bullet. I secured my entry for October 3rd's Ironman Race in Cumberland, Maryland. I am very scared. It gives me butterflies just thinking about it. 

What's more streakish at it's core than an Ironman? The endeavor is absurd. It goes against so much that the athletic community touts in terms of limits. But, like the streak, great men and women before me have proved that completing an Ironman is within the reach of an individual who is willing to commit. 

I've committed to running the race, and that's necessary. But the real commitment is in training. Just looking at training plans is mind boggling. I love it. I'm so excited. And even more importantly, it gives me an excuse. No longer are my long runs, swims, or bike rides random. They are part of a plan, part of a regimen. 

The 1st time I rode in Bike to the Beach I had this same feeling. It's the motivation that comes from the understanding that you might not be capable to complete a task. How invigorating is it to know that you are challenging yourself to something so daunting. 

Quick 6 miler to the Lincoln Memorial and home this morning. 

6.4 miles 

7 dogs


Kevin: Day 2305


Day 2305. Every year as the calendar nears its end, it has become inevitable that some journalist "discovers" streak running. Said journalist will write an "eye opening" article about this unfathomable new fad in running that is taking the country by storm. Unbeknownst to this wide-eyed scribe, streak running is nothing new. It's just not that popular, so you seldom hear of it. And when you do stumble upon streak running, as a young journalist looking for an eye catching article for the New Year; you think you've hit the jackpot. 

There are 500 members on the active United States Running Streak Association's member list. To be on the list you must have ran at a minimum of 1 mile a day for 365 consecutive days. There are probably another 1,200-1,500 hundred runners in the U.S. who would qualify for the list. I currently hold the 222nd longest, on-record, running streak in The United States of America. To put the previous numbers in perspective, 50,000 + runners completed the NYC Marathon last year. Streak runners are a rare breed. 

Now, if a writer took the time to dig through the names of individuals active and inactive running streak lists, he/she would be able to compile a compelling story. There are some seriousl weirdos in this little community. Anyhow, I'm exhausted. 

Good run today, in the cold. Bundled up and took it to my old stand by, The Lincoln Memorial. Once up the steps, I strolled over to Abe, gave him a wink and headed home. 

6.2 miles down

8 dogs


Kevin: Day 2302

Day 2302. I haven't ran yet today. We'll get there. Just wanted to make good on my resolution to spend a little more time on the blog in 2015; while I had some free time this Sunday morning. 

It has been a very relaxing weekend. I saw The Interview Thursday night and Unbroken Friday night. I wasn't expecting The Interview to be anything special, and it wasn't. I did, however, have high hopes for Unbroken, and was left wanting. Unbroken was good, that's it. It was far from great. The casting was spot on. I loved that the actors were all young and unknown (to me at least). It was an aesthetically pleasing film as well. But, the film had an emptiness to it. I wanted to connect with the characters but was unable to do so. The film lacked an overall. "realness". It was like a perfectly drawn painting that had no depth or originality. 

Anyhow, what else is going on? Took a day trip yesterday to Frederick, MD. I'm sure at some point in my life I've been there, but I can't remember it. It's a cool, quaint little town. There are a ton of nice shops and restaurants all located in a very walkable, charming downtown district. We made the most of it in the persistent rain & cold, can only imagine how nice it would be to visit on a spring day. Weather stifled plans to visit nearby Cunningham Falls State Park. We'll be back to check out the 78 foot waterfall and surrounding park. 

I had pizza for dinner. 

Day 2302 TBJ...


Kevin: Day 2230

Day 2230. Please, by all means pass me. If you're a faster runner than me, that's cool. I don't love it, but I can deal with it. If you are not a faster runner than me, please do not pass me. This is one of my biggest pet peeves that I face every so often during my daily pavement meetings. It happened this morning. I was heading north on 14th Street, right after crossing over Constitution Avenue, and a girl passed me. No big deal, until she immediately slowed down. 

Why? I admit when I'm having a slow day out there. I admit when someone flat out has a faster pace than me. I admit it by accepting it. Sometimes I'll even cross over to the other side of the street to avoid the embarrasment. What I do not believe in. What I feel is borderline insane, is noticing a faster runner ahead, picking up my pace to catch them, and then slowing down once I do. It is total nonsense. It may be one of the more annoying little nuances I experience in day to day life. 

So thanks, young lady. Thank you for putting a damper on a beautiful break of day scamper to the Lincoln Memorial and back to U street, There were push ups along the way, an impromptu abbreviated yoga session, and then, "the slow passer." Terrible. All of a sudden my thoughts were completely overtaken by my disgust for this girl. She Literally caught up to me and slowed down once she was no more than 10 yards in the clear. She slowed down to a pace that was just a mil-a-second slower than me. 

I shouldn't get worked up about something so small. There are a plethora of potential explanations for what occurred this morning. Who knows? Maybe she was doing that whole sprint, slow down.... sprint, slow down thing. Maybe she wanted to show off her butt? Anything is possible in 2014 my friends. Anyhow, I needed to get that off my chest and I thank you for indulging me. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

6.2 miles down

5 dogs


Kevin: Day 2216

Day 2216. An uneventful 3.2 miles or so this morning. Wasn't sure where I left my headphones, so I went all natural. The days are getting shorter. It's dark later in the morning and earlier at night. But, that's life in the capital of the world. I enjoyed the fall leaves for the first time on the drive in to work.

Still kind of waking up, not too much to report today. I did just get my flu shot. 

Hail to the Redskins.

3.2 miles down

4 dogs