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 1.5 miles   Everyday For28Years 

Zach and Kevin met at The University of South Carolina.Years later, in 2008, on a September Saturday afternoon in Washington, D.C., they reunited. Kevin mentioned he recently saw an episode of the HBO series, "Hard Knocks", featuring Jim Garrett. JG had ran at least 1 mile everyday for 28 years. Inspired, Kevin was 5 days into his streak . Zach was not an avid runner; yet dually motivated, asked Kevin if he would like a partner in his peculiar pursuit.                               



Kevin: Day 1979

Day 1979. Woooops, I had a strong start to the healthy streak. And, I'm going to have a strong finish. But what type of friend would I be, if I didn't have a couple cold brews to celebrate a good friend's bday. I'll tell you what type of friend I'd be, a bad one. A friend that can't put his personal wants and needs aside for the benefit of his brethren. So, last night I had a couple pops, nothing too crazy. 

The one 10 miler a week streak continues. Yesterday was wonderful. When I stopped and looked at my GPS app, it read 13.1 miles on the dot. Today I relaxed a bit, it is Sunday after all. At about 2:00 pm after watching several episodes of A Football Life and True Detective, I hit the streets for a quick 1.5 miles. 3 weeks away from 2,000 straight days... pretty nuts. 

Hope you are having a wonderful President's Day Weekend. You deserve it. We deserve it. America, deserves it. 

P.S. I'm still waiting for someone to coin the phrase, "Oshie Can You See". That was ridiculous. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, be a better American)

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Kevin Day 1968


Day 1968. Just wanted to get a quick update in here. The countdown to 2,000 is picking up speed. It was a little chilly out there this morning, and wet, but these are the days that make the streak the streak. Most people throw in the towel on a rainy day. But not this guy. I can't afford too. 

A new initiative has taken shape in my life. It's a bit wordy, but I couldn't come up with anything shorter that took into account all that this encompasses. I still think the phrase doesn't quite grasp it all, but it's a start. I'm calling this mission the, "Post-Bowl, Pre-Blarney, Personal Re-Generative Expedition." Basically, it's a self cleanse, a toxin timeout. 

There isn't much going on after the Super Bowl and before St. Patrick's Day. So, I figured, why not take this uneventful time period as a chance to balance the body out. From now until March 17th, there will be no booze consumed. Yes, some will hit my lips, due to my profession, however it will not go down the hatch. I'm actually pretty excited about this. I can't remember the last time I went for over a week without having at least 1 adult beverage. 

The program is an all encompassing mission. The idea is to be totally conscious of what is going in and out of the body. For years I hardly drank sodas, yet over the past year or two I've found way too many entering my body. No Red Bull, no late night jumbo slices. Give me water, give me hydration, give me green tea, give me veggies, GIVE ME HEALTH. Yes, that's right. I demand balance. I demand equilibrium. And I won't stop until I get it. And heck, once I get it, maybe I'll just keep on going. Ok, maybe not....

Anywho, took this mornings trot to the Lincoln Memorial, ran up the stairs, winked at Abe, and headed back home. 

Streak on my friends, streak on. 

6.2 miles logged

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Kevin: Day 1961

Day 1961. Ok, I admit it. The last few days have been pretty damn challenging. It has jusssst been FRIGID. I mean, the minute you're out the door your bones are pure ice. Now I know what it feels like to be Michael Jordan in game 7 of the NBA finals down 2 with the ball in his hands and 15 seconds left. 

My sleeping game has been at bit disappointing over the last two weeks or so, very inconsistent. Yes, in actuality, it has probably been good for me physically. BUT mentally, when I go to bed at 1 and aim to get up at 5, only to get up at 7... it takes a toll. I feel like a failure. 

Part of my predicament in the ultra endurance, mega-mileage world is that my life doesn't revolve entirely around it. I want to have my cake, or pizza... and run 20 miles too!! You can substitute or add beer & wine in there as well. I feel like I'll never find a proper balance, largely in part because I take so many areas of my life to such extremes. I don't know many people who go out for a run on a Saturday and unexpectedly end up running a marathon. 

To note, the one 10 miler a week addition to the streak remains in tact. I'd have to go back through my posts to see how long it's been. I think we're over 2 months now. This Saturday's 10 miler was particularly challenging. 

Hmmm... what else gang? Bowling is on tomorrow night. Crossing my fingers for no gutter balls. 

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Kevin: Day 1953

Day 1953. Great start. Solid run to my buddy Abe Lincoln before the city goes bananas. I do love it and I am as guilty as the next... but it's just ridiculous how nuts we go over a snow storm. I am super excited though. This is the first time I get to test out the new wheels. The old Taurus put in great effort during snowstorms in the past. I mean, she really outdid herself. But I cannnnn't waiiiiiiiit to see what the Cherokee does!!! YES!!!

The left ankle is still bothering me. It's not too bad. I think some improvements in the diet and water intake over the past 48 hours have helped; talk about feeling like an old man. I used to always feel like an old man trapped in a young man's body, now I am beginning to feel just the opposite. Yikes. Ahhhhhh. Ehhhhhhhh.

I forgot to mention, I did end up visiting the Fainting Goat last week. I had a great meal and ended up staying a little longer than planned. Two thumbs up. It's a solid, classy without being pretentious neighborhood watering hole. VERY 2014. 

6.3 miles down

4 dogs


Kevin: Day 1952

Fast forward to about 1:10 in the video...

Day 1952. I woke up on Sunday with a sprained ankle. Or at least what felt like a sprained ankle. It's still bothering me. And I know what it is. If you've read the blog, you know what it is. Ahhhh, rich man's disease. The ole' gout. Usually it's my big toe that bothers me. But this time I could harldy put any pressure on my ankle. It was unreal. 

As I sit here, typing away and watching The Bachelor... I don't know where that was going. 

It's amazing how much one comment can change your thinking. You go throughout entire days where conversations come and go, in one ear and out the other. Then, every now and then, someone says something to you that sticks. At least that's how it works for me. About a week ago a buddy of mine was saying I should tone down my distances. This friend didn't have any scientific proof or real reasoning for his comment, but it lodged in the back of my head. My distances haven't decreased much. But overall, I probably took about 10 miles total this week (not including that marathon) off my average weekly mileage totals over the past few months. 

Moral of the above paragraph, think before you speak. You could really change someone's life, with a comment or two. Anyhow, I'm glad I'm writing about this. It's getting me fired up. My diet and routine in general fell off a bit last week. I just had a bad few days. It happens. I think the real dagger was at bowling on Thursday night. I bowl with a team of 5. There are only 4 spots per round, so the low bowler in each round has to sit out the next game. I picked up a spare in the last frame to put me 5 pins away from 3rd place. Then on the next bowl, I had a gutter ball. DEVASTATING. It could be worse though. At least I didn't have as much on the line as Del Ballard did in the above video. 

Tonight's run was gorgeous. I got in a quick 6 miles as the sun was setting, great temp out there. Tomorrow, I will be up bright and early. It's time to get the diet and routine back on track. 

6.2 miles down

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Kevin: Day 1946


Day 1946. I was in a bit of a rush this morning. So, I resolved to run a quick 2 miles, to take care of the streak, and then perhaps go for a longer one this evening. It's ridiculous, but I have gotten to the point where I feel like I am letting myself down when I go a day with anything less than 5 miles. I can't change this. It is engrained in my head. It isn't about machismo or trying to show off, I just really don't feel like I'm getting a workout in when I go for less than 5.

Now, before you start thinking I'm insane, think a little more about what I'm talking about. I'm pretty sure you don't really start burning fat etc... until you're 15-20 minutes into a workout, whatever that workout may be. So instead of thinking of a 5 mile run, as a 5 mile run..... Let's think of a 5 mile run, as a 35-40 minute workout. It's not that crazy now, huh? Good. 

As mentioned in my last post, one of my New Year's resolutions is to make more of an effort to get out and about around my neighborhood. I'm surrounded by restaurants and bars that my friends work at. A few weeks back I visited Kapnos where a buddy of mine waits tables, highly recommend it. Tonight, I planned to check out The Fainting Goat, a new spot on U street that a friend of mine just opened up. He wasn't there so I stopped by Masa 14 and chatted with a few buds that I used to work with. Then I moved on to Barcelona where my buddy Mike bartends. 

Barcelona is a sweet spot. It was a Tuesday night, but it felt like the weekend. I had dinner at the bar, solo. Mike introduced me to his co-workers, and by the end of the meal I had made several new friends. I had Albondigas (meatballs in a zesty tomato sauce), kale salad, and the octopus. Kale salad?? Yes, i wouldn't have normally placed that order, but I was told it was solid, and it was. 

At one point, one of the bartenders, Lacy, said, "You look so happy." Well, I was. It was a great night. Sometimes, "me time", is the best time. 

Streak on. 

2.1 miles booked

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I Found This Footage

...of Kevin at the gym before the streak began.  Fitness!

friday gifdump 531 04 A low down dirty good time will ensue (33 Photos)


Kevin: Day 1945

Day 1945. Thinking a little about the man I began this streak with. I can't remember the last time I saw R.Z. Baker, let alone chatted with him. One of the more enjoyable aspects of the streak used to be the way it kept me connected to Zach. I miss the guy. 

The majority of my closest friends are from high school. Our roots are so deep that we can go for months or years without seeing each other and pick up right where we left off. As nice as that is, I think it's also hindered me in maintaining other friendships. I have a lot of folks that I'm good friends with for 3-6 months, then that's it. Oh well, enough about the deep doldrums of my mind today. Well, not just yet I guess. 

When you're going on long runs you have thoughts and streams of conscious like the above that develop into utter nonsense most of the time, but occasionally they sprout revelations. Today some new year's resolutions formed. It's not too late, right? 

#1. Planning Ahead

- I am not consistent enough with breaking out the calendar and planning ahead. I'm getting better in my old age, but there is ample room for improvement. 

#2. Staying in Touch

- As mentioned above, I have fallen into a habit of letting friends slip by the wayside. Were going to work on that a bit. 

#3. Get Out More

- This goes hand in hand with #2. I moved to one of the better locations in the city for grabbing a cold beer after a long day of work, but seldom do. It's time to change! I almost went as far as to make a rule that I must grab at least one beer at a random bar 3 nights a week, but that could've been detrimental. We shall see. 

Ok, sorry. On to running. It was a gorgeous evening for a run, first time in weeks I've been able to go in all shorts. I took this baby to the Lincoln Memorial and back home. The legs felt great. Nothing too interesting to report, but there were a lot of fellow joggers out there. Good job guys. 

7.1 miles down

9 dogs

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