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Zach: Day 1 of 10220

   I'm a hotdog maker by trade.  So naturally I was in the middle of the lunch rush making a a few footlong hotdogs for some guys that just got off the course,  but my mind was consumed by the task at hand.  Today is the first day of the next 28 years.  As soon as the rush died down I ran to my apartment above the restaurant to prepare.  I started with 25 perfect push-ups. 

   The first day was an all black affair.  I was wearing my black Sam's Corner T-Shirt.   I then threw on my black gamecock shorts and and ran out the door to my car.  I could already feel the South Carolina heat beating down on me during my drive to my destination. I have to drive elsewhere to run because I live above my restaurant which is located on a major highway.  I arrived at Litchfield by the Sea shortly after 1:00 pm.  I got a good stretch in and began my journey along the 3.1 mile path that zig zags through the resort neighborhood.   The great thing about coastal South Carolina is the abundance natural scenery.  My run took me along the salt marsh where I could smell the pluff mud and witnessed wildlife ranging from diving pelicans to soaring ospreys.  The scenery was beautiful, the smell of the marsh was potent, and the humidity was brutal. 

   I unlike Kevin have not been running 4 days a week for the last 5 years.  Running is something that I do with little frequency so I wanted to test myself on the first day.  I'm in better shape than I originally thought, because I completed the 3.1 miles, but I have to admit that I was winded upon completion.  I got some relief from the humidity on the last leg of my run when it started to rain.  This was no doubt the big guy upstairs lending a helping hand, and offering his endorsement for our 28 year venture.  When I got home I did 25 more pushups, and so this begins the great 28 year run.   TBC....

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