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 1.5 miles   Everyday For28Years 

Zach and Kevin met at The University of South Carolina.Years later, in 2008, on a September Saturday afternoon in Washington, D.C., they reunited. Kevin mentioned he recently saw an episode of the HBO series, "Hard Knocks", featuring Jim Garrett. JG had ran at least 1 mile everyday for 28 years. Inspired, Kevin was 5 days into his streak . Zach was not an avid runner; yet dually motivated, asked Kevin if he would like a partner in his peculiar pursuit.                               



2 Year Zoning Extension Granted to Jair Lynch for Envision McMillan

Link to Video of Zoning Hearing

On April 29th, 2019 the Office of Zoning again voted unanimously to approve a 2 year extension for the Envision McMillan project at the McMillan Sand Filtration Site. The time clock on this extension does not start until the current case in the DC Court of Appeals has been decided. 

A summary article, in quotes below, regarding the appeal was written by Drew Hansen of The Washington Business Hournal on March 14th, 2019. 

Link to Article

"The team behind the redevelopment of McMillan Reservoir is applying for a two-year extension on a portion of the project as it remains mired in appeals years after its approval. 

Development team Vision McMillan Partners, a group that includes developers EYA, Jair Lynch Real Estate and Trammell Crow, was given permission last year to move forward with demolition and subdivide the historic 25-acre property bounded by North Capitol, First and Channing streets and Michigan Avenue NW. Opponents filed a petition at that time to halt the project. 

But though the project remains under appeal and in litigation, D.C.’s Zoning Commission ruled in September that no additional remands would occur for Parcel 2 of the development, which includes a 233-unit building with retail. The ruling did not pause the two-year window the team has to secure building permits and other approvals, and the development team is now seeking an extension. 

“The Applicant is unable to comply with the time limits for validity of the Commission’s approval established under the Second Stage Order,” reads a section of the application.

A zoning hearing has been scheduled for April.

UrbanTurf was the first to report on the request for an extension on Parcel 2.

Overall, the 2.1 million-square-foot McMillan project includes a mix of apartments, townhomes, medical office space and a 52,000-square foot grocery. Critics have long argued the project as proposed is too dense and too tall for the location, that it will create a traffic problems and detrimentally affect its surroundings.


Kevin: Day 3857

Day 3857. Nothing too memorable from this one, just getting it in the books. A quick little dity from 11th St to North Capitol. Listened to a podcast from Levi Dalton along the way. Levi's show is called, "I'll Drink to That", and is the most interesting wine related podcast I've come across. The guy knows his stuff and asks great questions. He gets amazing guests on the show. 

3.2 miles down

8 dogs


Kevin: Day 3855 & 3856

Day 3855 & 3856. A couple somewhat similar runs. Here en lies the problem with waiting a little to blog these days.My short term memory is a little bit iffy. I cannot remember for sure if yesterday's run included a baby or not. I am searching through different places that I went during the run, digging for a clue. I am literally doing this as I type. Stopped by The Capitol Building, went kind of close to the Cherry Blossoms at the Tidal Basin, past the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, etc... but did this all happen with a jogging stroller. I think it did. 

Today is a bit more memorable, more fresh. Nicole was not feeling so hot; so Fina and I walked her over to urgent care in Dupont. She had a sinus infection last week and seemed like the antibiotics weren't quite pulling their weight. 

The baby and I headed down 17th street to the National Mall, banging a right on Constitution. Along the way we avoided hordes of tourists and people streaming back from what must've been The Cherry Blossom 10 miler. It was frustrating. It shouldn't have been frustrating. Some days and stretches of time I am better at compartmentalizing minor annoyances. Writing helps with this. It enables a bit of reflection. Why are you getting annoyed that Jane, Jim, Jack and Brad Doe do not understand the unwritten rules of DC sidewalk etiquette?

Yes, it's annoying when people walk 5 wide across a sidewalk and do little to move out of the way for a man with a stroller. But who cares? Don't let it bring you down. Move over and move on. Right? Right. So it's Sunday night, we had a great family weekend including a Costco trip!!, I had two fantastic long jogs, and the blog (at least for the moment) is back. Life is good. 

13.6 miles (combined)

19 dogs


Kevin: Day 3854

Day 3854. So.... I had a baby. And a new streak of daily unbridled attention to Serafina Maria Rapp has taken over my life, sine her arrival on June 1st, 2018. It's been amazing. She is sweet, smart, adorable, you name it; she's got it. Such a ridiculously proud dad. 

As with many things in life there are trade offs. With the baby, my trade off has been taking part in any activities past 7pm on most nights. The streak has survived and I am more thankful for it than ever. Distances have been abysmal, BUT... after acquiring a BOB jogging stroller for $100 on Craigslist 2 weeks ago... there is hope. Serafina loves going out on runs and the weather is getting warmer. Dad is about to get back in shape. 

I've started to do some Facebook Live videos for our wine company and was about to say maybe I'll do some videos for the blog. But... mid type I thought to myself; ehhh... I mean, maybe I'll do a video here and there, but who am I kidding? This is my first blog post since last May! It's April!!!

Oh man. I often say to myself, you can do it. You can get back to blogging everyday. And then, almost a year goes by without blogging. Not without running though! I have one neighbor, Jordan, who doesn't believe me. He loves asking me like a second and third time in a row with his head cocked to the side making semi-extreme eye contact, "Come on... have you really never missed a day???". Yes, Jordan, it's really only 1.5 miles. 

Anyhow, today Serafina and I went for a quick 2.3 miles or so into The Truxton Circle area near 1229 New Jersey Ave NW. Decent trot in a light drizzle. 

9 dogs

2.3 miles down


Kevin: Day 3527

Day 3527. There is definitely one home on my street acting as a base for dealing drugs. I alerted detectives in early April. Maybe the cops are observing and trying to dig deeper into the operation. Or... maybe there just doing nothing. On the days that the house is open for business, it is clear by the parade of sketchy individuals who park in front of my house, walk a few doors down, go inside the drug house, return, and drive away within 10-15 minutes. 

Our new neighbors are renters and installed security cameras on the front and back of the house. They also removed the back door and installed a new one. Totally normal......

This morning I ran west on U Street for a bit and then across town to the Georgetown waterfront. I called my friend, Tommy, one of our wine producers. I wanted to record a quick Facetime video with him, a Q&A about one of his wines. We talked for a bit, and scheduled a chat for tomorrow. 

Pretty tired. 

8.3 miles down 

15 dogs



Kevin: Day 3524


Day 3524. Good run this morning. Somewhere in the 13 miles range. Needed it. 

Long runs are magical. It's the combination of the literal physical results with the psychological satisfaction from the accomplishment. No matter how many times I go for an 8 plus miler, the enjoyment never dissipates. 

The streak has been solid as of late, but nothing to write home about. The past few days I have been aiming to get up at 5am for my runs, but have messed up due to alarm problems or simple laziness. When a habit or pattern hasn't been set in stone, it can be s difficult to get it started. Especially when it comes to perceived short term pleasure; whether that be indulging in food, tobacco, excess alcohol, or... in this case, a few extra minutes of shut eye. 

The key, easier said than done, in all of these areas; is engraining in yourself the ability to understand in these individual, short lived moments of weakness, that they will pass. And, if you don't give in, most of the time; you're better off. I have seldom regretted waking up early and heading out for a 5:00am run. Yet, it's not always so easy to convince myself at 5:00am that I'll be happy I got up from my warm cozy bed. 

13.4 miles down

19 dogs


Kevin: Day 3283


Day 3283. Started the morning with a call to AAA, for an injured beast. Yes, our beloved 1997 Dodge Ram 3500 12 Passenger Cargo Van, had some mechanical issues. The towing company gave me a 45 minute or so window, which I used for a quick jaunt down towards the White House. 

I was exhausted this morning, after a long day with friends at FedEx Field, which culminated in an 0-1 start to the season, and a strong sun burn on my face, particularly on my temples. Strong burn. But, in a few days, it'll look great, right?

Nothing tremendous to report, but the legs and lungs do feel solid at the outset of year 10. That extra mile is so important. If you can just push yourself to go for another mile or another 10 minutes, it makes all the difference. A lot of times, after I have pushed for that extra mile, I find the flood gates open, and I go for several more. I yearned for a long run today, but... had to cut it short to meet the tow truck driver. 

If I had only known... the tow truck driver would arrive and say that the lift on his tow truck was malfunctioning. He said he would call in another driver. An hour later when I called AAA, they said a call to another driver had not been placed and they would reach out to another company. 4 hours later, the Beast was off to the shop. Fortunately, the initial diagnosis points to a minor injury, and the Beast may be back on the road as early as tomorrow afternoon! YESSSSS!

3.2 miles down

8 dogs. 



Kevin: Day 3278


Day 3278. That's 9 years, folks. 19 to go. The year 2036 seems infinitely closer and more attainable than it did 9 years ago, not that I have ever had any major doubts throughout the streak. Though I have more doubts today, than I did on Day 1. 

I'm getting older. My body doesn't recover the same way it did in 2008. I have long stretches where I just get in the minimum 1.5 miles. And then, something will change and I'll be back to 5-10 miles a day averages. It's astonishing, the difference in my overall well being when I am on a good stretch of long runs vs short ones. It's like night and day. 

The streak has become very routine. Whereas once it was a focul point of my life, now it's just a small blip on the radar screen. I didn't even recall at the outset of today's run that it was my streak anniversary. But once I did, it brought a smile to my face. Milestones are great for perspective. 

11.9 miles

17 dogs