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Zach: Day 2 of 10,220

       Ahhhh...What a great day for run.  I was going to go for a sunset run, but for the last two days I find myself growing more excited about the next 27 years and 363 days, and I am unable to contain my urge run at least a mile and a half.  This leads to spontaneous runs at random times throughout the day.   However, tommorrow I will be going for an early morning run, because I am going to Charleston in the afternoon to pick up John Stafford Brinson III so we can head to Columbia to watch the cocks beat Georgia.

     I had just gotten back from getting the worst haircut of my life when i decided to go for today's run.  FYI:  Don't ever get an $11 haircut from a guy in his sixties named Jerry that has dragon tatooed on forearm.  I should have known better.  That's what I get for committing barber treason.  I had to call and schedule an appointment for tommorrow with Leah down at King's Row so she can straighten out Jerry's mess.  I decided to go with the Columbia khaki swimsuit and khaki Sam's Corner shirt for today's run.  My goal is to become a sort of running billboard.  It can't hurt my business.

   I started my car's odometer at the south end of Pawleys Island and began driving north.  I found out that it is exactly 1.4 miles from the south end of the island to the tiny church where my friend Bob is getting married.  So I parked the car, got out, and began day 2 of the journey.  It was about 4:30 in the afternoon and hotter than hell.  Pawleys Island is bordered on one side by marsh and on the other by the Atlantic Ocean.  I started on the marsh side, which accounted for the majority of the run.  Today's run was very eventful, with alot more human interaction than yesterday.  I got a couple of waves from people passing by in their cars (always encouraging), and I saw an old man catch a fish.  All I could think about toward the end of the run was the how hot it was, but then out of nowhere I spotted the stop sign where I had started my odometer.  I immediately began to pick up the pace, and when I hit the stop sign I rounded the corner and the ocean breeze hit me in the face.  It was kind of like that movie, "Chariots of Fire",  I just kicked my head back, caught my second wind and ran what I estimate to be about another half a mile.  So I think my run total for the day was roughly two miles.

    After my run I did a little cool down walk back to the church where I parked the car.  On the way I passed three middle aged women riding around on beachcruiser bikes, one of which was a blue bicycle named Sunflower.  Coincidentally the lady had on sunflower flip flops and an all blue outfit.  They were all smilling and seemed to be having a wonderful time.  I stopped and walked out to one of the long marshwalks on Pawleys Island and completed my second set of 25 pushups(I did 25 perfect pushups before I left the house), and then I got up and ran back to the car. 

     The more I think about this great 28 year run the more I think it might be one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.  I've told several of my friends about it, and most of them laugh and think I'm an idiot, but their have been a few that say they wish they could be so committed to a goal.  I tell them that they can be that committed, but I need to show them through action.  I won't let those few down, and I will show the naysayers that it can be done.  Never stop running.  Go Cocks!!!

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