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Kevin: Day 3061

Day 3061. When you run everyday little tasks are occasionally woven in. A stop at an ATM, dropping a letter off in a US Mail Box, returning a friend's cookware, and often a quick pop-in to the local grocery store. Today, the last little task, was on the agenda. We needed milk. It's funny when you grab a gallon of milk, continue your run with said milk in-hand, and then literally run into a friend or acquaintance. That seems to usually happen. You look weird, but is it really that weird? 

I enjoy bumping into friends on my runs, and it happens very often. Yesterday morning I ran into my wife's co-worker. Sunday I ran into a friend who had just returned from his first swim lesson with his newborn. Today, I ran into two people, one of which was a friend who lived in the same apartment complex as me in 2005, in Florence, Italy. 

Great way to get the day going. 

As I side note, I saw 2 hawks today at different locations on my run. I also saw one last Thursday outside my house. This is unusual inside of the city in Washington, DC. I feel as if there might be some secret rat animal control program that is releasing hawks in DC....

5.9 miles down

6 dogs


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