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Kevin: Day 3527

Day 3527. There is definitely one home on my street acting as a base for dealing drugs. I alerted detectives in early April. Maybe the cops are observing and trying to dig deeper into the operation. Or... maybe there just doing nothing. On the days that the house is open for business, it is clear by the parade of sketchy individuals who park in front of my house, walk a few doors down, go inside the drug house, return, and drive away within 10-15 minutes. 

Our new neighbors are renters and installed security cameras on the front and back of the house. They also removed the back door and installed a new one. Totally normal......

This morning I ran west on U Street for a bit and then across town to the Georgetown waterfront. I called my friend, Tommy, one of our wine producers. I wanted to record a quick Facetime video with him, a Q&A about one of his wines. We talked for a bit, and scheduled a chat for tomorrow. 

Pretty tired. 

8.3 miles down 

15 dogs


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