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 1.5 miles   Everyday For28Years 

Zach and Kevin met at The University of South Carolina.Years later, in 2008, on a September Saturday afternoon in Washington, D.C., they reunited. Kevin mentioned he recently saw an episode of the HBO series, "Hard Knocks", featuring Jim Garrett. JG had ran at least 1 mile everyday for 28 years. Inspired, Kevin was 5 days into his streak . Zach was not an avid runner; yet dually motivated, asked Kevin if he would like a partner in his peculiar pursuit.                               



Zach: Day 10 of 10,220

   Good afternoon America!  Day 10 complete!  I am in kind of a hurry today.  Gotta get to Columbia tonight so I can wake up, run and start tailgating bright and early for tommorrow's 7:00 game against the mighty terriers of Wofford.  I had alot of errands to run today including getting a planters wart burnt off my foot.  I know it sounds gross, but it had to be done.  I am so thankful that the operation went smoothly.  I was very concerned that it might hinder my ability to run free from pain.  My feet are now my instruments of destiny and I must treat them with the utmost respect.  i told Dr. Vest (the planters wart removal specialist) of my goal, and he said that it is not entirely impossible, and that he is pulling for me.  He also recommended that I begin to take some vitamin supplement that I have written down, but can't remember.  It  is made to lubricate the joints, and since I have 10,210 days left joint lubrication is paramount.

   Before I left the house I banged out 25 perfect push-ups.  I wore a yellow Sam's Corner t-shirt, Nike running shorts, and my headband.  I opted to run wih no Ipod today.  It was gorgeous outside today and I decided to run along Boyle road in North Litchfield.  Prior to my run I ate an entire plate of Mongolian beef from P.F. Changs with my Uncle Tim.  Needless to say, this did not enhance today's running experience, but I easily ran 1.8 miles.  I passed no other runners or pedestrians.  I did however get a head nod from a great looking older caucasion couple who were both decked out in some sort of African tribal garb riding on beach cruisers.  Good for them.  Who cares what you're wearing.  You're on vacation!  When I finished my run I went by the bank and got some change for the restaurant from Cindy, my favorite teller, who happens to be an open supporter of  Thanks Cindy!  I then returned to the house to take a shower.  I was about to hop in, but "oh no, I havent completed my second set of pushups."  I immediately hit the floor and complete 25 towel wrapped pushups. 

   Tomorrow's run will likely be an early morning jog around the Rosewood/Shandon area.  Hopefully I will have internet access at some point in the day.  If not, then please don't fear.  Just check back on Sunday for further updates.  I'm off to Columbia to hang out with my pal Chris Stacey.  Go cocks!  Go Chargers!

Zach's quote of the Day:  We've been going about this all wrong. This Mr. Stay Puft's okay! He's a sailor, he's in New York; we get this guy laid, we won't have any trouble! (-Dr. Peter Venkman,  Ghostbusters, 1984)


Kevin: Day 14/10220

Happy Birthday Jim Abbott!

-           During Abbott's final season, he played for the Brewers and ended up batting 21 times. But here's the astounding thing:  He had two singles and drove in three runs. The guy has one hand! Imagine being a major league pitcher and giving up a single to Jim Abbott?

This Day in History:

1900 - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid commit their first robbery together.
1988 - Greg Louganis suffers a head injury while qualifying for the Seoul Olympics
1991 - Otzi' the Iceman is discovered by a couple of German tourists.

Day 14: I felt great this morning. Woke up at 5:15 without the help of an alarm clock. I went upstairs grabbed a glass of water and downed a multi-vitamin. I sat on my bed and poked around the web for a bit, checked fantasy, read some Skins articles, then proceeded to the task at hand.

This morning I grabbed some red pants w/ white stripes down the side that I picked up at Walmart circa 2001.  I checked the weather, 59 degrees. Hmmm, kind of cold, so I grabbed an old school ash grey Gonzaga hoodie. A little more traffic on the streets than usual, but still pretty minimal. In front of the new Washington Sports Club I passed Ms. Cappadona out for an early morning walk with one of her friends. She said, "Rapp!" I waived, smiled, and... kept jogging. I mean, I can't be stopped. Not for a family friend. Not for a friendly k-9. This is bigger than me now.

A little further up the road I spotted a pack of about 10-15 joggers by Regal, very exciting. I don't know what it is exactly, but when I see a pack of runners that big, I want to be a part of it. Guess, it's just the dog in me. So I picked up my pace, but right when I was about to catch up they all went down the stairs to the Bethesda metro? weird. There were a lot of restaurant deliveries this morning, likely getting ready for the weekend rush.

When I got home I hit the floor for 30 push ups. I turned Spanky's heat lamp on and got dressed. The dude has scarfed down 10 minnows since Monday, TAKING NO PRISONERS!!!

I hit the road around 7:00 and tuned into the Junkies for an interview with Doug Flutie. Upon arrival at the office I exchanged pleasantries with my co-workers.

         "It's Friday, woo hoo!!!"
         "TGIF BRAH!!"

I then shut the door to my office and did 30 push ups.

I saw no dogs today.


Zach: Day 9 of 10,220

   Today Mr.  Prefontaine made his first appearance on the blog.  I assure you it will not be his last.  Grandma departed in her Chrysler 300C around 9:30 this morning.  It was sad to see her go, but I understand that she is a very busy lady.  I helped Barton through the lunch rush today, which as it turns out wasn't much of a rush at all.  Today is actually the slowest day I have had since I began leasing Sam's Corner.  I guess that with the recent economic downturn that we aren't seeing as many golfers as we usually would this time of year, which is a shame because today is the most beautiful day in recent memory.  Even my good friend Jarrod Mckevlin who doesn't typically appreciate things like weather called to let me know that today would be a good day to toss around the ole pigskin. 

   Since it is starting to get so slow around here I have alot more time to focus on my running.  After I worked through lunch I went upstairs and changed into my Nike shorts, Nike headband, and Nike Air max Moto running shoes.  I did not change shirts as i was already wearing a yellow Sam's Corner t-shirt.  I did 55 push-ups before leaving the house.  Things are starting to get really serious.  I called Kevin on my way to the south end of Pawleys Island.  He is happy and about to attend a 2:00 meeting.  I parked my car at the police station/town hall.  Since I ran so far yesterday I decided to slow things down a bit on today's run.  I began the run south along the marsh.  I passed no other pedestrians, but I did pass alot of cars and several motorcycles.  The fall bike rally is fast approaching.  This is good news.  Guys ridin' on hogs love hotdogs.  They love them. 

   I felt very little fatigue today but was committed to pacing myself.  I have made this run several times now and when I was making the turn from marsh side to ocean side I saw my good friend Mark the stock broker pass by in his Beamer.  I previously told Mark of my new undertaking, and he was skeptical, but not anymore.  The headband says it all.  Turning naysayers into believers everyday.  Since I have made this run before I knew I had gone at least a mile and a half, and since I hadn't seen Mark the stockbroker in a while I decided to hop in the car and do some catching up.  Marks advice:  "Stay away from Lehman Bros."  When I arrived back at the Avenger I turned on the odometer and found that I ran exactly 1.8 miles today.  It was a fairly basic, but enjoyable run.

Zach's quote for the day:    "There comes a point when any reasonable man will swallow his pride and admit he made a mistake. The truth is... I was never a reasonable man."  -Edward Bloom (Big Fish, 2003)


Kevin: Day 13/10220

Happy Birthday Rick Pitino!

Historical happenings on September 18th.

- 1793: The first cornerstone of our nation's Capitol Building was laid by George Washington.

- 1970: Jimi Hendrix dies after choking on his own vomit.

Doot! Doot! I'm up at 5:15. It's pitch black in my room besides my cell phone which is ringing and buzzing. I turn on the lamp behind my bed and think about what I will wear for this morning's jog. It is getting increasingly chilly every morning. With this in mind, I elect to go with a white long sleeve Adidas moisture management tee. Since it is going to be dark for my entire jog I throw on some random clothes. Over the long sleeve I toss on my 2008 Bike To The Beach jersey ( and a pair of Lafayette Lacrosse shorts, #14. I grabbed the shorts July 4th weekend 2005 when a one  A. Forbes left them at the beach, still haven't made the exchange... I toss on a white bandanna, one brown and one blue dress sock, grab my Ipod and am out the door. 

The street is pretty dead. I look up and the moon and stars are still out. About five minutes into my jog as I'm passing "Stromboli" I notice a car in the middle lane on Wisconsin Ave. It is stopped with no lights on and no one inside. I continue my jog and notice a car passing by full of newspapers surely to be delivered soon thereafter. The baristas are all moving and shaking at Starbucks.

On my way back I notice two cop cars with their lights flashing stopped in the road. They are behind the unoccupied car from before. There are three officers all together just sitting there.

          " Ok, so what do you think happened here?"

          " It looks like someone parked their car and got out."

          " I don't know, I think we should ALL just wait this out... for a few hours."

When I get home the house is still quiet. I take my time getting ready and am out the door by 6:30 or so. When I get into work I shut the door to my office and complete 52 push ups. Bring on Day 14...

I saw no dogs today.


Zach: Day 8 of 10,220

    Whoah!  Things got very serious today.   As most of you bloggers know grandma is still in town.  After helping Dianne through the lunch rush I drove Barton and grandma up to Prossers BBQ, because they were in the mood for some veggies.  Following a gigantic meal we drove out to Dick's Sporting Goods to do some shoe shopping.  It was then I got the best gift anyone could ever get, a pair of Nike Air Max Moto running shoes.  I was also able to score some Nike running shorts with lining which are incredible and give me the support I deserve, but most importantly I am now the proud owner of a black and white reversable nike headband.  I figured if you're gonna run you might as well run wearing the clothes of the great dynasty that is Nike.  The really good news is that Dick's gave a dollar of my purchase to Lance Armstrong's Charity Organization.  In spite of having only one ball Lance and John Kruk are both incredible athletes and remarkable people.  I am glad to be a part of their cause. 

    As soon as we left Dick's I removed my hat and replaced it with the headband.  When we arrived back at the restaurant I immediately changed into my new gear and did sixty pus-ups.  In addition to the new attire I wore a garnet Sam's Corner t-shirt.  I got in the Avenger and began my drive to North Litchfield.  I wanted to get in a really good run today.  I decided to run along the bike path that winds throught the woods along highway 17N.  This was also a ground breaking day because I lifted my boycott on ipods and actually had some tunes for today's run.  My parents already have a superfluous amount of ipods, and my dad recently won another one from his work so they shipped it to me.  It is a Nano and I have yet to put any of my songs on it, but I trust my daddy's taste in music.  Since today was my first run with music I thought it was only appropriate to begin with the theme from "2001, A Space Odyssey".  I found that running with music really enhances the entire experience and makes it much easier.  I ran on the bike path all the way from North Litchfield to Murrells Inlet. 

   When I got there I wasnt really tired so I turned around and started running back.  Kevin was right.  This is getting easier everyday.  At this point I was listening to Frank Sinatra on my dad's ipod.  There is something extraordinarily pleasant about listening to Frank while running through the woods.   About halfway back I felt a blister begin to develop on my heal.  I thought that this could be problematic for future runs so I removed the shoes and began to walk.  In the future I must wear socks that come above the ankle.  It was then that I passed another runner who was galloping through the forest like reindeer.  I then thought to myself, "I am not tired.  Why am I walking?".  So I completed the last leg running barefoot throught the forrest.  I felt like Jaguar Paw from "Apocalypto", who by the way is greatest distance runner of all time.   It was very tight.  According to the Avenger's odometer it is 5.4 miles round trip from North Litchfield to Murrells Inlet on 17N, and the path I was on zig zagged through the woods so I estimate I covered about six miles today, running about 5.5 due to blister stoppage.  Good day!

   I arrived back at the house to find grandma reading a book.  Thank you grandma for the new gear and being an avid supporter of  The blog is still an infant, but in the next few days we will be purchasing the domain and making several improvements.  Tune in tommorrow for further updates.  Everybody love everbody!


Kevin: Day 12/10220

Happy 23rd Birthday Alexander Ovechkin.

I woke up out of a sound sleep and turned to the alarm clock on my left. It read 5:01. I thought to myself, "I have another 15 minutes till my alarm goes off."

I woke up out of a sound sleep and turned to the alarm clock on my left. It read 7:06. I thought to myself, "Fuck, guess my alarm didn't go off."

I hopped out of bed, turned Spanky's heat lamp on, tossed on a blue New Balance micro-mesh shirt, Standard blue Adidas shorts, and white ankle socks. I also tossed on my old white, "COCKS" hat. I grabbed my pal's Ipod shuffle which I had borrowed to run home with Monday. I wondered how long the charge would last and contemplated using my Ipod, but decided to go with my initial decision. About 5 minutes into my jog the power ran out, right in the middle of, "Come on ride the train, and ride it, come on..."

I took off the headphones and continued about Bradley Blvd. just listening to the sounds of cars passing by. It was nice and chilly this morning, perfect temp for a jog. This was the first morning since last spring that I've come outside to find my car coated in dew.

I shaved, showered, and hopped in my car. Before getting into work I grabbed a quick cup o' joe from my mom's in Kensington. Once at the office, I told my co-worker Eric to check out my blog. I let him know he could read about what I was about to do later in the day. Then I hit the floor and struggled to complete 50 push ups.

This day in 1787 the United States Constitution was signed in Philadelphia and in 1814 Francis Scott Key finished his poem, "The Star-Spangled Banner." 

I saw two dogs today.


Zach: Day 7 of 10,220

   I just got out of the shower following a soaking wet run along the South end of Pawleys Island.  It poured earlier today, and since I slept unitl 8:30 this morning and worked from 9:00 am-9:00pm I had no choice but to run in the evening rain through the puddles left over from this afternoon's monsoon.  For this evening's run I went with a yellow Sam's Corner t-shirt and black gamecock basketball shorts.  Today I saw no fellow runners or pedestrians of any kind and passed only two cars.  I did 25 perfect push-up before I left for my run and 25 regular push-ups upon my return.  I carried a flashlight as I ran roughly 2.5 miles.  I also found out that Pawleys Island is extremely dark and kinda spooky at night, especially with all of the critters running about in the rain making funny noises.  Even though tonight's run was not my favorite thus far, it was still significant because today is my one week anniversary.  

   However, I was trumped today by my parents who are celebrating their big thirtieth wedding anniversary!!!!   Congratulations Mamma and Daddy!!!  There were times when I was unsure this day would come, but due to hard work, dedication to each other, strong personal convictions, and a lotta love and tenderness you were able to pull it off!!!  Since today is such a special day for the parents I thought I would share the story of how they met.  You bloggers might not care, but I think it is a great story worthy of documentation.

   My Mamma was living in Laurinburg, NC at the time and on vaction in Myrtle Beach with her family.  Her older sister, Kathy, decided to take her down to Ocean Boulevard for a night on the town.  They proceeded to the most happening night spot on the beach, The Magic Attic, which was located right across from the Pavilion, for some shagging and a good time (In South Carolina shagging is a dance.  My mamma was no hussey!).  My father, who lived in Myrtle Beach, had just gotten off his shift at The Fun Plaza when he decided to go over to "the Attic" to try and pick up some hot babes.  Upon entry was the first time he laid eyes on the prettiest girl in the whole wide world.  He approached and asked for a dance.  Soon after the dancing he commenced they exchanged pleasantries, and he found out that her name was Lee Ann Barton from Laurinburg, NC, but that she was actually born in Pendleton, SC.  This came as a great shock to young Rembert (my daddy), because he to was born in Pendleton.  Upon further inquiry he found out that she used live on Lebanon Road.  This came as an even greater shock to the wide eyed Rembert, because you guessed it, he to used to live on Lebanon Road.  Now my daddy the cradle robber is five years older than my mamma, and he moved to Myrtle Beach from Pendleton at age six.  So as fate would have it my parents lived right down the road from each other when my father was six and mother was one and had no idea.  Then on September 16, 1978 Lee Ann Barton became Lee Ann Baker at the First Baptist Church in Laurinburg, NC.  It's like Jeff Goldbloom said when examining the hatched Velociraptor eggs in Jurassic Park: "Life finds a way."  This concludes the story of how Rembert and Lee Ann met.  They are both great people that love each other through the good times and the bad, and they have also been wonderful parents that support me in all I do.  Thank you for everything, congratulations, and happy 30th anniversary!


Kevin: Day 11/10220

Good Morning Washington. The office is absolutely nuts today so I will have to make this quick. I woke up this morning around 7 am. I was out the door at 8 am dressed in blue Adidas shorts and an old school yellow Bike to the Beach shirt. I also established calf high white gym socks.

I had a great jog down Wisconsin Avenue. There were several cute babes on their way to work and a TON of good looking guys......... The weather was great, low 60's, little bit of sunshine. I felt amazing and my pace was blistering. I ran a measly 2.16 miles to the  Regal Theater in Bethesda and back. I completed 25 push ups mere seconds before entering the shower. I have yet to complete my second 25, but am contemplating closing the door to my office and going for it.

I am in a great mood today. The jog obviously helped, but I think even more so knowing that Spanky is content has lightened my outlook. I stopped by PetSmart on the way home yesterday and picked up a calcium turtle bone and about 15 minnows. James, John, and I watched as Mr. Spank chomped down on one helpless little fish. One of the minnows has been hovering around his butt and legs, he seems to really enjoy this...

I completed my second set of 25 push ups later in my office.

I saw no dogs this morning